marți, 14 august 2012

Forever seems such a long time

All this rain coming from above... It looks a lot like my tears streaming down my face. I'm empty. I'm ashes. I'm in total pain and yet it is so beautiful. It's beautiful because this is what life means. I would lie if I'd say that I never felt this before. But I guess I'm still learning. Learning how to love, how to forgive, how to move on. In so little time I feel so many feelings. I'm confused. I'm scared. I think you never wanted something from me from the start. I was just another girl who would kiss you and make you feel better and that's all. We all look for someone who would look up after us no matter what. I guess you didn't wanted that. Maybe you're confused too. Maybe you're feeling exactly how I am feeling, but I'm not so sure. I'm so young and yet so old. I feel old. I feel like I have cried all my life and now I'm living it backwards. I feel powerless, weak... I feel useless, like an old toy thrown away by some kid that got bored. I'm not a toy. I am HUMAN and I'm hurt. Why do you need to make things more complicated? Why can't you just decide what's the next move? I feel like a retarded person staying here and waiting for you to make up your mind. Don't worry, time is short, I can't wait forever. You'd better have some guts and tell me once and forever what's on your mind.

Because I'm done waiting. It's now or never.

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