joi, 20 septembrie 2012

Time to write again... Not in the mood for anything, but writing... It feels comforting, even if it's in english. I like english. I always have liked it. It's like I've been a english person in the past life. Well, I'll write about, let's see... My relationship? Alright then.
It is screwed. He's careless, he doesn't call, he doesn't talk, he's always not in the mood, he's bored, he doesn't smile... Honestly, I don't know if I've been through this before... I mean, everything is so complicated, as you can see, my life is complicated. Not because I want it to be like this, but because all the people that come and go, and are never staying... Permanently. They're just passengers between me and something else, I guess, bigger than my own person, beyond my power of understooding. And that makes me sad. I'm sorry for complaining, dear BLOG ( I know no one's really reading my posts, and I like it that way). It is my way of expressing my anger and pain through words...

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