sâmbătă, 10 noiembrie 2012

All of the sudden, feels like my world's falling apart. Only the tears that linger down to my skin are telling me that I'm still alive. I'm slowly suffocating and yet still breathing. There are creatures lying in my head and I just can't make them stop whispering. I'm drowning in regret and all the bad decisions that I made come alive when I'm thinking only how stupid I was thinking that someone might actually like me. What a waste of time and emotions. Laying here with my glass of wine, just me and the alcohol, just me and the music... Just me. You gave me wings and then ripped them out of my skin, you took them with you and I feel so vulnerable without the feathers. I'm falling... And I hope that when I'll hit the ground I'll wake up to reality. The disgusting and monstruous reality where nothing is harder than trying to live and give the best of you. And then someone comes along and strikes you with the most powerful weapon ever created: the illusion of affection.

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